31st May & 1st June 2017 Edinburgh Napier University, Edinburgh, Scotland

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EURIDIS goes European

EURIDIS BUSINESS SCHOOL is a business school entirely specialized on training B2B sales professionals, mostly for the technology sector.  It was established in 1992 in France with two campuses in Paris and Lyon.  Euridis delivers master’s and…

One day to go to European Sales Competition

I remember this day very clearly arriving to the airport in Brussels last year in June. It had been a busy spring with all exams, dead-lines and other projects which had to be done. But the European Sales Competition was something I didn´t want to miss…

We at Firstbeat want to support young sales talents and take part in their journey acquiring experience and learning new skills in sales. We think that everyone pursuing a career in sales should constantly improve one’s skills and this competition offers a great learning opportunity. As a growing company, Firstbeat sees the importance of quality sales education and real-life experience which the ESC provides to students. Currently the industry of health technology is growing fast and thus being able to differentiate from competitors is essential. Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment is an excellent product for the competition as it provides multiple angles which to choose from when getting ready to sales negotiation. We are looking forward to see young sales talents in action in the ESC.

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