17.–19. November 2021, Turku University of Applied Sciences, Finland

Turku UAS

Turku University of Applied Sciences (Turku UAS) is a higher education institute, that has multiple disciplinaries. It has campuses in Southwestern Finland in cities of Salo and Turku. The institute began its operations in 1992 as a temporary polytechnic.  

Currently there are about 9600 students, with most of them originating from the Finland-Proper region, and 700 staff members and therefore it is one of the largest universities of applied sciences in Finland.  



Like in other Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland, Turku UAS’s mission is to train professionals according to the needs of the labor market and to help promote particularly regional development. The education of universities of applied sciences also contains co-operation with the business sector, especially in the regional level. TUAS offers education in the following faculties: Academy of arts, Faculty of Health and Well-being and Faculty of Engineering and Business.  

Turku University of Applied Sciences has units in the following locations: