City of Apeldoorn

The municipality of Apeldoorn (gemeente Apeldoorn) is situated in the east of the Netherlands and consists of the city of Apeldoorn and several villages. Apeldoorn has approximately 160,000 inhabitants and is strategically located between Amsterdam, Eindhoven and the Ruhr area, which are all within one hour’s travel distance. Apeldoorn is an important regional center for work with over 100,000 jobs. 

Apeldoorn is a charming town in the province of Gelderland surrounded by its natural beauty. It still maintains a small town feel with a town hall, market square, and friendly locals zipping around on bicycles. Rustic elements are provided by picturesque parks and gardens, old churches and factories, while the Orpheus Theater and Omnisport Apeldoorn demonstrate the new. It is known for its green character, royal history of Paleis Het Loo and the Veluwe National Park, the largest forest area in the Netherlands. Also, it is 

  • An hour & nine minutes by train from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport & 1 hour from the city center of Amsterdam 
  • A city for Dutch Royal families with the biggest national park in the Netherlands at the doorstep. 
  • A city with three Hotel Schools and both private & public schools, from senior vocational High School to Universities of Applied Sciences. 
  • One of the most desired Dutch cities to be lived in however not often visited or seen by foreign tourists.