City of Helsinki

Welcome to Helsinki, the vibrant capital of Finland! Nestled on the northern shores of the Baltic Sea, Helsinki is renowned for its stunning architecture, rich history, and innovative design. As a cosmopolitan hub, it seamlessly blends urban sophistication with the tranquility of nature, offering visitors a unique experience.

Getting around Helsinki

Public transportation


Haaga-Helia students’ recommendations and tips for Helsinki

Less is More

The Essence of Helsinki

In choosing the phrase ‘less is more’ to epitomize Helsinki for the European Sales Competition, we delve into the essence of a city where simplicity isn’t just a design principle but a way of life. Helsinki’s embrace of ‘less is more’ goes beyond aesthetic appeal; it embodies a philosophy rooted in efficiency, clarity, and sustainability.


Get Ready for Your Helsinki Adventure: From Coastlines to Forest Trails

Kickstart Your Helsinki Adventure

Welcome to Helsinki, the vibrant heart of Finland where history, culture, and adventure blend effortlessly. Whether you are in town for a quick visit or an extended stay, Helsinki promises a plethora of exciting activities that will make your trip unforgettable. Picture yourself cruising along the scenic coastlines, pedaling through charming neighborhoods, screaming with delight at an amusement park, and unwinding in the tranquil beauty of a national park. Ready for an adventure? Let us dive into the best ways to explore and enjoy Helsinki to the fullest!


Roaming around Helsinki

Hey there, fellow adventurers, are you sick and tired of having strict plans and schedules when you travel? Well, we’re about to turn the page on the traditional way to explore.

Here is our guide to help you lose yourself in the charming capital of Finland, but not completely. We will give you some hints, but not too detailed – we want you to go out and see it for yourself.

So, if you’re ready to swap predictability and schedules for adventure and accidental discovery, you’re in the right place.


Lose Yourself in the music scene of Helsinki

Helsinki’s live music scene shows the city’s cultural vibrancy, offering a rich variety of sounds and experiences for locals and visitors. Whether you’re into small, intimate and jazzy performances or large-scale techno concerts, Helsinki has the right place for you.

By the way, did you know that Finland has the most metal bands per capita in the world? So, let’s dive in and find something suitable to your liking!


Exploring the Sauna Culture of Helsinki: From Traditional Wooden Saunas to Upscale Sea Pools

In the heart of Helsinki, amidst the bustling streets and modern architecture, lies a cherished tradition deeply ingrained in Finnish culture, the sauna. The sauna culture dates back centuries and has been the heart and soul of Finnish households ever since. For residents and visitors alike, saunas are not just places to unwind and relax, they are sanctuaries of tranquillity and rejuvenation. In this blog post, we embark on a journey through the diverse sauna landscape of Helsinki, from traditional wooden saunas to upscale sea pools.


Museums of Helsinki

Feel like visiting the cultural places require a lot of money? What if we tell you that you can not only get insane discounts with student card but even visit every single museum in Helsinki ABSOLUTELY FOR FREE?


Exploring Helsinki: Thrift stores & cheap beer

Right now, Helsinki is truly embracing sustainable fashion and thrifting has become a huge trend. It feels like there are new secondhand stores opening up every week. Or as we would say, popping up like mushrooms on a rainy day (a Finnish saying). Here is an overview of a few…