City of Graz

Welcome to Graz! A city where history blends seamlessly with modernity, offering visitors a rich tapestry of experiences. Whether you’re here for a day or planning an extended stay, Graz promises to captivate you with its vibrant culture, delectable cuisine, and architectural splendor.

Discover Graz’s Cultural Treasures

Graz, nestled in the heart of Styria, is a UNESCO World Heritage City known for its beautifully preserved historic architecture and vibrant arts scene. Begin your journey in the Old Town (Altstadt), where cobblestone streets lead you past medieval buildings, charming courtyards, and the iconic Graz Clock Tower (Uhrturm). Immerse yourself in history at the Graz Museum or marvel at contemporary art at Kunsthaus Graz, a striking modern art museum.

Sightseeing and Culture

Culinary Delights Await

Graz is a haven for food enthusiasts, boasting a diverse culinary landscape that caters to every palate. Start your day with a traditional Austrian breakfast at a local café, savoring freshly baked pastries and aromatic coffee. For lunch, indulge in regional delicacies such as Styrian “Backhendl” or give the Styrian pumpkin seed oil (Kernöl) a try. In the evening, explore the vibrant dining scene offering everything from high class restaurants to cozy wine taverns (Heurigen), where you can sample local wines and specialties.

Food & Drinks

Leisure Activities

Beyond its cultural and culinary offerings, Graz offers abundant leisure activities for visitors of all ages. Take a leisurely boat ride along the Mur River, soaking in views of the city’s picturesque skyline and green landscapes. Explore Graz’s parks and gardens, ideal for picnics, jogging, or simply relaxing amidst nature. Adventure enthusiasts can hike up Schlossberg, the historic hill overlooking Graz, or explore nearby hiking trails in the surrounding Styrian countryside.

Leisure Activities

Getting Around Graz

Navigating Graz is easy and enjoyable, thanks to its well-connected public transportation system and pedestrian-friendly layout:

  • Public Transportation: Trams and buses crisscross the city, making it convenient to reach key attractions and neighborhoods. Purchase tickets from vending machines or via mobile apps for hassle-free travel.

  • Biking: Embrace Graz’s bike-friendly culture by renting a bicycle from numerous stations across the city. Explore scenic paths along the Mur River or cycle up to Schlossberg, a historic hill offering panoramic views of Graz.

  • Walking: Graz is a city best explored on foot. Wander through picturesque streets, visit local markets like Kaiser-Josef-Platz, or stroll through the lush green parks such as Stadtpark or the botanical gardens of Schloss Eggenberg.

Getting around Graz

Graz City Map