Call for ESC2024

Every year since 2015 European Sales Competition Association, ESCA, has awarded the organisation rights to a European University to arrange European Sales Competition. ESC23 is organised by Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences between 31 May and 2 June 2023.

For those European institutions considering organising ESC24, a free format application is requested to be sent to ESCA Chairman to address by October 31st 2022, at 6 pm CET.

The decision is done by the ESCA board based on applications in the ESCA fall board meeting.

In the application, the following items need to be highlighted

  1. Short introduction of the Organizing University
  2. Introduction of Competition Director and consideration of the organising team
  3. Introduction of the facilities where ESC24 is organised
  4. Potential competition dates in May/June 2024
  5. Reasoning why you and your university would be the best candidate to host ESC24

Consideration related to additional activities, budged, co-operation partners or format can be added to the application.

The voted European institution and ESC24 Competition Director will work closely with the ESCA board and selected previous ESC Competition Directors to ensure the success of ESC24.

More information about ESCA can be found at