22nd & 23rd May 2019, Avans University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands

Local competitions

Turku Sales Competition, Finland

– Organized every semester by TUAS
– Competitors from TUAS and visiting Universities
– 2017 participants came from 10 different nationalities
– Both business and sales engineering students
– Held in English
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Best Seller competition, Finland

– National competition
– Organized annually
– Competitors from all over Finland.
– In 2017 participants came from four different Universities
– Both business and sales engineering students
– Held in Finnish

European Sales Engineering Team Competition

– Organized annually online
– Competitors mainly from Finland, France and Germany
– First organized by TUAS in 2017
– Sales engineering competition that combines skills required in sales and engineering fields
– AASE (Academic Association of Sales Engineering) supports the competition
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