Lead generation for seller in a Digital World – How to do?

A Lead is defined as a company / decision-maker expresses interest in acquiring a product or service. We also saw that there are several types of Leads, which, what interests us most are those qualified leads or also called hot leads, since the probability of generating transactions and converting them into customers is high. But, how can we obtain leads adapted to our business?

Lead Generation is the normal process of intentional generation of leads that eventually transform them into Clients.

When we talk about Lead Generation in the B2B segment, we mainly talk about how to generate business leads for companies. Our Sales discourse must be much more structured than we do with B2C (Business to Consumer). This is because we address to managers, directors and formal positions, where our product or service will have a longer and more consistent impact on their services.

We are definitely in the Digital Marketing era, where we can reach many more companies, people and positions. However, that can also be a risk if we do not know how to do it. Bad communication is worse than not communicating.

In this type of method, we find different ways to acquire leads, but without a doubt, one of the most used is Email Marketing, which consists in sending by email the information of our products or services; or even an invitation to seminars or events. Always keep in mind the time and day of the shipment; and consider creativity. They are essential points.

Other ways to generate leads can be through the optimization and positioning of your website through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or paid advertising – Google Ads, Facebook Ads or LinkedIn Ads (Recommended for B2B), Advertising in video – YouTube and actions that it generates in its social networks (Post daily).

In the following we would like to briefly introduce three possible strategies / tools for B2B lead generation:

Optimize Your Lead Magnets And Opt-In Forms

For one thing, your lead magnet has to consist of original and genuinely useful content. Your opt-in forms also play a huge role in the success of your lead generation campaigns. If you make your opt-in form too long, this will turn your visitors off, and they might just give up halfway through filling in your form.

How long is too long?

There’s no industry standard or hard and fast rule, but generally like to keep your forms to three fields or less.

Implement Live Chat On Your Website

Live chat is one of those strategies that’s guaranteed to bring you more leads. About only 2% of your site visitors convert on average?

Live chat helps you generate 4 to 8x more leads with that same pool of visitors.

The beauty of live chat lies in the fact that it reduces the friction on your visitor’s part, and makes it that easier for them to reach out.

With live chat, your lead doesn’t need to look for your email address, copy it, switch to their email client, paste it, and then think of how to word their message…

They can simply click on the chat function, get connected to a real-life person, and describe what they need.

In fact, live chat is so effective that:

94% of customers who are proactively invited to chat are somewhat or very satisfied with the experience, and

91% of customers who’ve used live chat are satisfied with its ability to aid in their online product-buying decisions, resolve customer service or tech support issues, and answer product questions in a timely manner.

For best results, make sure to man your live chat 24⁄7.

If you’re trying to reach out to business owners, they might be researching products and services after office hours or on weekends – and if you’re available to chat with them, this gives you an edge over your competitors.

Add Content Upgrades

There’s no doubt about it: people love free stuff, especially if it’s actually useful for them.

According to Cialdini’s first Principle of Persuasion, Reciprocity, people are willing to give back something in return once you present them with some type of gift first.

That’ s where content upgrades can be so useful.

Simply put, content upgrades are add-ons to your already existing website content, most specifically, the top-performing posts. If you’re tracking your views, impressions and click-throughs, you should be pretty familiar with the best performing blog posts on your site. And since people love them so much, why not offer a little bit extra on top?

There are numerous content upgrades that you can try out, such as case studies, lead gen calculators, infographics, cheat sheets, swipe files, guides, checklists, reports and many others. For example, Brian Dean of Backlinko was able to improve his conversion rate by a whopping 785% by using a simple checklist.


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