The importance of sales

The most important area in business arguably is sales; if you are in business, you are in sales. Companies have an insatiable need for competent sellers that deliver revenue. The role of the salesperson growing business, in its various markets, is just as critical today as it has ever been. There is still no other role within an organisation, in any business, that is more important than the role of the salesperson, because arguably ‘nothing happens until someone sells something’ (Drucker).

We have been witnessing rapid technology changes. The behaviour of the modern, informed, digitally-driven buyer, deeply impacts the sales discipline. Only the best sales performers can adapt to this new reality, adopt new techniques and become adept in the deployment of the requisite skills to aid the growth of profitable business.

Sales professionals the world over continue to struggle to communicate the value they represent to their customer, to efficiently compete and succeed in lucrative and sophisticated markets. They are not as trusted as they should be by their customers, and often fail to play a strategic role in their customers’ business.

Customers are not loyal to a product. They are loyal to what is behind the product. So, today’s most successful salespeople excel in understanding their customers’ business, and win by demonstrating value. Today it is not what you sell, but how you sell that matters.

Leaders and sellers that embrace the new world order are safeguarding and future-proofing their companies’ sustainability. Sales represents the economic engine of most organisations. A lot of great ideas wither on the vine because no one involved is able to sell the idea. Every start-up, early-stage and high growth company needs someone who is excellent at sales.

That somebody could be you!

(Dr Tony Douglas, Director ReadySteadySell, Academic Teaching Associate Consalia and Sales Education Specialist) Blog for ESC 2020 – 4th February 2020)

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