17.–19. November 2021, Turku University of Applied Sciences, Finland

Other competitions

SEASAC – South East Asian Sales Competition

Seasac is the ‘South East Asian Sales Competition’, originally an ERASMUS+ project to support sales education across the South East Asian nations. The first competition was in 2020 and it has gone from strength to strength. The European Sales competition has strong ties with SEASAC and there are often opportunities for students to cross-compete, offering learning opportunities plus gaining an appreciation of different cultures.

See a short video intro about SEASAC here

Why European students should be involved?

The best students from the European Sales Competition and South East Asian Sales competitions and opportunities to cross-compete. The competitions, whilst separate, have similar rules and set-up, so competitors offering an opportunity to compete internationally should be reasonably familiar and comfortable in taking part. There is a reciprocal arrangement for students from South East Asia to participate in the European Sales competition. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate those skills that you have learnt for your own local competition. The more experience that you have the more confident you will be in the future.

More details

Check out the SEASAC website for more details at SEASalescompetition.com

And see student experiences (both European and SE Asian) on the SEASAC YouTube channel. Join the SEASAC Linkedin channel.