18.–20. May 2022, HAN University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands

Other sales competitions

Turku Sales Competition (TSC)

Turku Sales Competition is a three stage role-playing event, during which each competitor goes through a B2B sales negotiation. The competition is organized once a year by Turku UAS, Finland and is a part of the Sales Module.
The participants of the competition consist of sales engineering students and exchange students of Turku UAS as well as visitors from other universities. The competition is held in English.
Competition Director: Timo Holopainen, timo.holopainen(at)turkuamk.fi
More information https://myyntiakatemia.turkuamk.fi/turku-sales-competition/

Best Virtual Seller (BVS)

Best Virtual Seller is a role-playing game in a B2B sales situation arranged by Turku UAS, Finland. The Competition is organized twice a year in Finnish.
The participants of the competition consist of sales and sales engineering students.
Competition Director: Sanna Vauranoja, sanna.vauranoja(at)turkuamk.fi
More information https://myyntiakatemia.turkuamk.fi/

Best Seller

Best Seller Competition is Finish national sales competition for all Finnish Universities. The competition is arranged in Finnish annually by either Turku UAS or Haaga-Helia UAS.
More information https://www.bestsellercompetition.fi/

ITV Sales Competition – First Semester

ITV Sales Competition is targeted for First Semester Students of the Study Program International Sales Management. The competition is held in German and is arranged annually by Technische Hochschule Aschaffenburg, Germany.

For more information, contact Ludger.Schneider-Stoermann@th-ab.de